May 9, 2012

Hospice by the Sea is in Our Home

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

After a series of snafu's by the office of our personal care doctor's office, Hospice by the Sea is in our Home. I might decide to make an issue of the doctor's office later, but for now lets move on.

The Hospice had a nurse out to us within three hours of receiving the paper work. Two hours later we had a hospital bed, oxygen, shower chair and commode.

I expect to get a visit from our lead nurse tomorrow.

Dotty is now having trouble breathing, and she is clearly stressed out by all of this.

Of course, she really can't understand what is going on right now.

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Dotty is not eating. She has a zero appetite.

This is my second time around with Hospice by the Sea. They helped Dotty and me take are of my father when he was dying. This allowed my father to die at home and this was his wish.

Dotty wants to die at home. When the time comes, I hope to be telling you, We made it.

For now, its one day at a time.

The people from Hospice by the Sea are wonderful. I'm confident.

Folks, I am prepared for what is coming. I believe Dotty is also prepared.

I do want to let each of you know that I cannot imagine how I might be feeling without you.

I know one thing, it would be very lonely around here without you.

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Bob DeMarco
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