May 28, 2012

I'm Getting Plenty of Rest, and Starting To Wake UP

Yes, I am feeling more emotional. I was wondering where the feelings went.

By +Bob DeMarco 
+Alzheimer's Reading Room

I am getting plenty of sleep. This morning was the first time I slept until my regular wake up time, 7 AM.

For the last couple of days I have been feeling very dull, numb perhaps. I felt the emotion(s) starting to come back as soon as I opened my eyes this morning.

I feel a little buzz in my body, a kind of electricity. Not the kind of electricity you feel when you get excited, almost like a bit of anxiety.

I think some of the emotion is ready to come out of me. I guess I am a little "tender" at the moment.

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I'll have to adjust to  the wake up without Dotty. I'm starting to really really miss her as I type these words.

Yes, I am feeling more emotional. I was wondering where the feelings went.

I'm definitely feeling latency. I expect these feelings of latency to come and go for a while. Don't worry I'll deal with all of the feelings and emotions in time.

I'm wondering if I am going to feel lethargic today? I did not wake up today with the "heaviness" or clouds in my head. We will see.

I did take one long three mile walk on Saturday, and a shorter walk yesterday due to a monster thunderstorm that blew in.

I want to start walking and then to start getting some real exercise. Right now I feel weak when I walk. Not tired, or unable to walk, more like I am not walking at the speed that is more natural to me.

I walked through downtown and all the way to the beach here in Delray Beach. I wanted to get as much stimuli as I could while walking.  I saw and walked by lots of people, looked in some of the shops and restaurants (went into a few).  More or less trying to refresh my memory a bit, and get the juices flowing.

I am also getting visits from neighbors, and lots and lots of telephone calls.

For now, I'll stick close to home and stay close to the familiar.

I won't be taking a vacation as some have suggested. Besides, I live in vacation land. I might go jump in the ocean today. If I do it, and if I remember, I'll make a short video of the beach etc. Yes, this sounds like a good idea.

Okay, on to the future.

I'm not going anywhere. The Alzheimer's Reading Room is here to stay. One thing I will do is go back and revisit the articles that have already been written. I'm sure I can add new insight, and rewrite many of them from this new perspective I am gaining.

There are many many things that I still want to write about. I'm also interested in answering questions, or looking for solutions to problems.

If you have a question, and would like a discussion of a question, just put it in the comments box below, and I will elevate it up to an article.

This was a bit of a ramble for sure. I'll have to get my mojo back.

Thanks to all of you that donated in Dotty's memory. I appreciate it, and I am sure she does too.

I guess I'll have to walk before I can run. So that is what I will do.

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