May 12, 2012

On a Scale of One to Ten I Would Call Me an 8 Right Now

The big question though, would I be feeling this way without you all?

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I'm pretty tired but there is good news all the way around. I just had a nap for one straight hour. Right in the bed next to Dotty.

In 4 hours or so Joanne will be here. Two heads are better than one, so are 4 hands as I learned this week.

I'm doing pretty good I think. I am physically tired but emotionally I am doing good.

I started getting prepared for this many years ago. It is paying off right now.

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Dotty is pretty stable at the moment. Kinda sweet.

Dotty told me she thought I was a good son this morning, and pretty much that was what I needed.

It seems more like a see-saw right now than a roller coaster.

I am not looking forward to night time. The last three nights have been a real emotional and physical roller coaster.

Dotty had a little bit of morphine. The lowest dose. They said it will also help her breathing. Oh yeah? Hmm.

Now I have to get some water in her every 15 minutes, and swab her lips and her cheeks on the inside.

A hospice in Dallas should hire Carole Larkin, full time, to go around and talk to people that are in a situation similar to the one Dotty and I find ourselves in at this time. Carole knows more than I imagined, and she knows how to talk to an Alzheimer's caregiver. She is more than worth the fee she charges.

I'll have more to say on that topic later.

I would be interested in hearing how others feel when it comes to Hospice and Alzheimer's. These people are wonderful, but I don't think they are ready for the growing number of dementia patients they are likely to be seeing.

If I say Dotty can't feel pain, Dotty can't feel pain.

The nurse that came today was excellent as far as nursing goes. She needs some dementia training. Not because of her demeanor, because an end stage Alzheimer's patient is not going to be able to tell you what day it is, etc. I suppose that is part of the standard test to give the morphine. I am not sure because I didn't think to ask.

Carole could whip these nurses into shape pretty quick.

I don't think I would have been so calm, cool and collected 20 years ago.

Bottom line right now.

Things are still going better than I could have ever expected. Certainly better than whatever it was I had envisioned.

I am feeling fortunate at this moment in time.

The big question though, would I be feeling this way without you all?

Absolutely Not.

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