Jun 17, 2012

104 Year Old Cares for Daughter with Dementia

This story about a mother caring for her daughter with dementia brought a tremendous amount of emotion out of me. Many of you will understand why.

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"We help each other."
"Schielzeth reads the paper each morning and keeps her daughter updated on current events. She tries to keep her mind churning.
She is there to remind her daughter where Frankie is at, what day it is, if she ate."
"She lovingly reminds her, which is a difficult thing, I would imagine, at 104 to have the patience over and over again," said Festari, one of two 24-hour caregivers who split time at the Sarasota house. "My mom passed away when I was 17 so I think this is amazing. It's an honor. It really is."
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Read the written version of this story -- Mother, daughter inseparable at 104, 86

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