Jun 1, 2012

Alzheimer's Patient at Grand Rapids' Vets Home Won't Be Charged in Beating Death

A prosecutor says charges won't be brought after an 84-year-old man with Alzheimer's disease died at a West Michigan veterans' facility following an attack by another patient.

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Andrew Robinson Ball
Prosecutor William Forsyth issued his opinion on the attack Thursday. In his written statement, Forsyth called the entire incident a tragedy, "but I will not compound it by attempting to prosecute the alleged suspect."

"Given the suspect's advanced age and the extent of his dementia, absolutely nothing will be gained from charging him with a crime," says Forsyth in his statement, "a crime I doubt he has any memory of having committed."

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An 86-year-old Alzheimer's patient at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans will not be charged after he beat another elderly patient in April, causing that man's death.

Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth on Thursday said he saw no gain in prosecuting the 86-year-old who punched 84-year-old Andrew Ball -- who also was an Alzheimer's patient -- in the early morning hours of April 13.
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Why the family is upset

"I'm not seeing anybody come to us and saying 'Nobody else is going to get hurt.".

"We still have to deal with the fact our dad was murdered," ~ daughter Deborah Keyworth
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