Jun 22, 2012

Donations for Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Soar Past $530,000

I know this story of a an older woman being bullied by a group of mean spirited teenagers is off track, but think about it.

Alzheimer's Reading Room

This is really remarkable when you think about it.

Karen Klein, 68 years old, earns about $15,000 a year as a bus monitor. She was subjected to a series of mean spirited, thoughtless, and hurtful comments bystudents while she was doing her job on the bus.

It is hard to imagine that a group of teenagers could be so mean. The "madness of the crowd".

The reaction of people all over the world is even more remarkable. So far, more than 25,115 people, who never met Karen, have donated more than $530,000 to send her on vacation.

It just shows what people can and will do when they are moved.

I couldn't help but wonder what could be accomplished if people really got motivated about Alzheimer's disease.

As far as the mean spirited teenagers go. I would put all of them in orange jumpsuits and make them go over and paint Karen's house, and clean up her yard, and clean her home.

I wonder how they would like seeing themselves in that video?

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