Jun 6, 2012

Dotty's Last Meal, Can you guess what she ate?

As I am sitting here it just dawned on me that Dotty had one of her favorites for her last full meal.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I seem to be waking up. I am thinking more about Dotty every day. All good by the way.

I am also up to two dreams. Very interesting. One had an amazing looking tornado trying to form in it, and I was going about the business of protecting Dotty, and getting her into a safe place. There was no fear or angst on my part, and Dotty seemed relatively calm. I need the Jungians to interpret this one.

As I was sitting here it just dawned on me that Dotty had one of her favorites for her last full meal.

Can you guess before you look?

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On Friday, May 4, in the evening, Dotty ate a Philly cheese steak and fries from Big Al's in downtown Delray Beach, Florida.

I was a bit surprised because she ate half of a 9 inch cheese steak and half of an order of fries. A half cheese steak is bigger than you might think, it is stuffed with thinly sliced rib eye steak. Dotty ate all of it which was surprising because previously she had stopped eating all the bread.

I can't say that this was ironic, but I can say when put in the following context it is amazing.

When Dotty would fall asleep in her chair, or on the couch late at night, we would reach the point where I had to wake her up and put her in bed. This usually occurred around 11 PM. I waited in the hope that Dotty would wake up on her own, and that I wouldn't have to disturb her. Dotty always looked very peaceful when she was sleeping.

On the way to the pit stop (pee) and bed Dotty would say the same thing every time (night).

I could go for cheese steak right now.

There was an occasional variation, I am going to put my cloths on and go get a cheese steak. Meaning she was going to jump in the car and go get it herself.

Dotty was born and raised in south Philadelphia. So it should comes a no surprise that Dotty was a cheese steak lover. She lived about 1.5 miles, or about 15 blocks, from the world famous Pat's Steaks. Pat's first opened its windows in 1930. I say windows because there are no doors at Pat's Steaks. You eat on the sidewalk. No kidding. Click on the image for the big view

I once drove round trip from Penn State (370 miles round trip) to eat a Pat's Steak. I remember standing out there in 5 degree temperatures eating a steak sandwich on the sidewalk. You might be thinking, why didn't you sit in your car? A Pat's cheese steak can get pretty messy especially when you order a pizza wit. That's my call -- pizza wit. You have to learn to bend over while chomping into your steak sandwich. If you don't you will end up with cheeze wiz and pizza sauce on your shoes. Yes, it happened more than once.

So as I sit here typing I am smiling, and yes I am a bit teary eyed, thinking that for her last full meal Dotty ate a Philly cheese steak. From that point on she barely ate anything. Her biggest meal after that was part of a scrambled egg.

One of these days I am going to Pat's Steaks. When I get my steak sandwich I am going to hold it up high above my head so Dotty can get a bite.

It is all good. I won't forget.

***Pat's King of Steaks (also known as Pat's Steaks) is a Philadelphia restaurant specializing in cheesesteaks, and located at the intersection of South 9th Street, Wharton Street and East Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia. Founded in 1930 by the Olivieri brothers, they are credited with the creation of the Philly Cheesesteak.

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