Dec 7, 2017

Bed Wetting, What Can I Do, The Answer

I sometimes hit pay dirt with this one, I might spare myself having to change the contour sheet and the underlying mattress pad.

Bed Wetting, What Can I Do, The Answer | Alzheimer's Reading Room

Alzheimer's Reading Room

Our reader Dacron20 asked under the article, Taking Care of Snootzie.

Was wondering if anybody is having problems with their parent wetting the bed at night.

Our Mom is urinating more frequently at night. We have had pull ups on her at night for awhile, but for the past 2 weeks she is urinating out of the pull ups and wetting the bed. Thanks.

Read on for one of the best solutions to this problem I have ever read.

Our reader LouiseC answered,

Here's what I do to minimize time and effort for clean-ups.

1. Over the mattress, I put a regular quilted mattress pad (for comfort).

2. On top of that, I put a terry-cloth vinyl backed mattress cover (protects the quilted mattress pad and the mattress.

3. On top of that I put an incontinence mattress pad (quilted flannel on one side and vinyl backed on the other). I choose the size that allows coverage for the entire width of the bed, putting the top edge right next to the pillows and the bottom edge arrives just below knee-length.

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4. I then put the contour sheet on top. When the nocturnal incontinence is very active, I also put another quilted vinyl-backed mattress pad on top of the contour sheet.

I sometimes hit pay dirt with this last one since if it is effective, I might spare myself having to change the contour sheet and the underlying mattress pad.

Good luck!

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BTW would you find sleeping with incontinence panties comfortable? I sometimes go out to town and let her sleep without, because the top mattress pad will catch whatever. And she feels better that way. Of course, you have to wash the person properly either way.
Carole Larkin added,

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