Jun 28, 2012

They Say I'm Going To Heaven, Why Doesn't Everyone Go With Me?

One thing I am hearing over and over now is, "you are going to Heaven". I hope everyone is right.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

 I'm Going To Heaven, Why Doesn't Everyone Go With Me?
Right now, I am sitting here thinking to myself, if the act of Alzheimer's caring is a sure fire ticket to Heaven, why don't more people start caring?

Doesn't everyone want to go to Heaven?

Just think, if everyone that told me I am going to Heaven in the last 8 years donated 4 hours a Year of their time helping me care for Dotty, I would not have had a single 24 hour day.

I wonder how many hours of caring it takes to get a free pass to Heaven? I think 4 hours a week might be enough.

During the season there are about 60,000 people here in Delray Beach. If I could get ten percent (6,000) of them to donate four hours a week that would amount to 1,248,000 hours of respite care for caregivers.

Let me write that out, one million, two hundred forty eight thousands hours of respite care. We are only talking Delray Beach, Florida here.

Maybe I should start a Church instead of writing a book.

The Church of Respite Carers. Sounds good.

Just so you know,
  • I spent 3,095 days caring for Dotty (I subtracted out my 22 days off).
  • 267,408,000 seconds
  • 4,456,800 minutes
  • 74,280 hours
  • 442 weeks (rounded down).

It seemed like a lot more than 74,000 hours.

Do you think I'm going to Heaven?

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