Jul 17, 2012

Alzheimer's and Dementia News 141

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Alzheimer's and Dementia News
Gammagard therapy offers hope for Alzheimer's patients - USA Today

Although it's still in a testing phase, the first long-term treatment shown to halt the progression of Alzheimer's disease is being hailed Tuesday by experts at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2012 in Vancouver.

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Footprints to Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Are Seen in Gait - New York Times
The way people walk appears to speak volumes about the way they think, so much so that changes in an older person’s gait appear to be an early indicator of cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer’s disease.
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Alzheimer's Disease: Exercise May Reduce 'Senior Moments' - ABC News
The four clinical trials looked at exercise, to see if various types could improve memory and brain functions in older adults. They looked at people without memory problems as well as those with mild memory complaints (sometimes termed "senior moments").
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New Methods Reported For Safely And Accurately Disclosing Alzheimer's Disease Risk Based On Newly Approved Tests
The Risk Evaluation and Education for Alzheimer's Disease Study (REVEAL) is a multi-center randomized clinical trial enrolling people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to investigate the impact of disclosing "imminent" Alzheimer's disease risk information – specifically, the probability of progressing to Alzheimer's within the next three years.
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Is Gammagard the One the Alzheimer's Community Has Been Waiting For?
We now have the first study in almost a decade that is reporting long term stabilization of Alzheimer's disease symptoms in patients.
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