Jul 1, 2012

I Took Dotty Out with Me in a Locket

Shortly, after I arrived at the Banana Boat, I did start missing Dotty.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I was wondering how people would react to the idea, I should say the act, of me taking Dotty out for her birthday. Dotty when to Heaven on May 25, 2012. Her birthday was on June 29, 2012.

I put a bit of Dotty's ashes in silver locket that belonged to her, and was very old, and away we went.

I was also wondering how I would feel.

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Shortly, after I arrived at the Banana Boat, I did start missing Dotty. I was standing up front near the musician, a saxophonist named Neal, and I was thinking about how I would usually get him to sing Happy Birthday to Dotty.

I admit, I thought about having him do it this year. I more or less debated it in my head. I decided against it. It did seem a bit odd to me.

Next year, I'll think about this in advance, and decide in advance.

While thinking these thoughts about the birthday song I was feeling very emotional.

However, as time went on, every once in a while I squeezed the locket and over time this seemed to me to be very comforting.

I could never have envisioned myself doing this in the past. Putting a part of Dotty in a locket and taking her out with me. In fact, I came to this decision on her birthday as I was trying to imagine how I was going to feel throughout the day, and when I went out.

I will admit that if I had heard of someone doing this years ago I don't know what my reaction might have been. Maybe it would have seemed odd to me? Maybe I would have concluded, I am going to do it myself some day

I'm sure some people might be thinking I'm losing it.

I never expected to be writing this much about Dotty after her death. However, most people seem to be reacting positively, and for sure, this is making me think and feel. And feel much better when I read the comments under the articles.

Dotty helped me learn that there are a lot of wonderful caring people in the world. It appears that a growing number of these wonderful people find their way to the Alzheimer's Reading Room.

Here are some of the comments that appeared under the article I wrote letting everyone know that I intended to take Dotty out for her birthday -- Happy Birthday Dotty, We're Going Out Tonight.

You're going to put some of Dotty in a locket and take her out? Bob, you Americans are very strange!

Marie Marley,
Bob, I think you found a good solution to your problem. Hope you enjoyed your night out with Dotty. That's the way she would have wanted it.

Good Bob, keep celebrating life, Dotty wold have wanted that.

I take my mom out a lot. I have a tiny little urn that fits in the palm of my hand and off we go...and FYI...we go to Two Georges.

Wishing you wonderful memories of Dotty on her birthday! I love that you are taking her out tonight! I hope she sends you a sign that she is with you tonight!

You and Dotty continue to be an INSPIRATION!!! Have fun together tonight and celebrate as you always would. We'll be with you in spirit.

Bob, I think that's priceless that you take Dotty with you tonight. Can you imagine the birthday party she had in heaven today!

Bob, what a great idea! Take her with you and enjoy her birthday night!

Happy Birthday Dotty, We're Going Out Tonight

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