Jul 12, 2012

Pat Summitt Wins Arthur Ashe Award (Video)

When Pat Summit walked on to the stage to receive her ESPY Award she was arm in arm, and hand in hand, with her son Tyler. I immediately thought, this is the way it should be for everyone.

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Pat Summitt is a champion in sports and in life. She is now facing her greatest challenge  -- Alzheimer's disease. Pat is a young woman,  only 60 years old.

Pat's son Tyler is 22 years old. I couldn't help getting a bit teary eyed as I watched the two of them walk up on to the stage, arm in arm, hand in hand. Tyler guided Pat right up to the microphone. A wonderful guide at such a young age.

You can start the video at the 11 minute 20 second mark. You'll see Pat's mom, then you will seePat and Tyler.

And finally you will hear Pat say, "I'm gonna keep on keepin on, I promise you that?.

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