Aug 19, 2012

Dementia, Premature Death from Anti-psychotic Drugs

Elderly people could be dying prematurely each year because of widespread over-prescription of anti-psychotic drugs to dementia patients in nursing homes.

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Australian experts say anti-psychotic drugs can leave patients immobilised and unable to speak and are often used unnecessarily to keep dementia sufferers quiet for over-worked staff. The drugs can increase the risk of death by 50 per cent and family members are often left in the dark about their use.
"We walked in and our mother looked dead. Naturally while I was there I suspected she was heavily drugged so that's why I spoke to the doctor. He said, Your mother has been - is on massive amounts of drugs." ~ Beverly Harvey, Daughter
This video is very moving and real.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 16/08/2012
Reporter: Margot O'Neill

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