Aug 4, 2012

Saturday Alzheimer's Review 104

This week we learned where Alzheimer's hits the hardest. We covered Alzheimer's family care, why caregivers torture themselves, and the big statistic. Over 1,200 people on average are diagnosed with AD each day.

by Alzheimer's Reading Room

Alzheimer's hits 'younger elderly' hardest
This week we learned that Alzheimer's disease is often more aggressive, and progresses faster in patients under 80 years of age. Harsh news.

The same researchers also found that those who survive into the later years before showing symptoms of AD will experience a less aggressive form of the disease.
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Moving Toward a Cure While Addressing Care
Eric Hall, CEO of the Alzhemer's Foundation of America, wrote an interesting article in the Huffington Post about the importance of addressing family care issues along with the importance of searching for a cure for Alzheimer's.

Hall wrote, "Family caregivers need support as they help their loved ones navigate this cruel disease.".
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Why Do Alzheimer's Caregivers Torture Themselves?
My article, Why Do Alzheimer's Caregivers Torture Themselves?, brought some interesting direct emails to me as caregivers expressed their feelings of angst. There are 52 interesting comments under the article so far. Perhaps you would like to share you feeling in the comments section of the article.
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Alzheimer's Disease Statistics
Of late, our article on Alzheimer's disease statistics is getting a lot of traffic. The article has 44 Google +1 clicks. Only 5 came from readers of the Alzheimer's Reading Room. I wish more readers would sign up for Google+. It is easy to do. Once you sign up, you can click the red Google button at the top of each article. When you click you raise the profile of the article, and help bring the article into the awareness of the public, and more importantly, other Alzheimer's caregivers who do not yet know about the Alzheimer's Reading Room.
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