Aug 16, 2012

Targeting Overwhelmed Caregivers with Real Resources

It appears to me that this new Caregiver Resource Center is better than anything I have seen in the past.

By Bob DeMarco
 Alzheimer's Reading Room

I am going to have to give a big thumbs up to AARP on this one.

It appears to me on the first go around that this AARP project is bigger, better, and more user friendly than the new website targeting Alzheimer's caregivers as part of the National Alzheimer’s Plan to Address Alzheimer's disease. In fact, it is better than what we are getting from the Big Boys on the block.

I am interested in hearing your reaction and the reaction of other Alzheimer's and related dementia caregivers that decide to use the website.

Go here to check out the new Caregiver Resource Center.

Before you go, check out the video below. You can't hear the caregiver frustration, but you can see it if you watch closely. Ever feel like that?

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