Sep 3, 2012

GrandPa Do You Know Who I Am Revisited

GrandPa Do You Know Who I Am tells five stories of children, ages 6-15, who are coping with grandfathers or grandmothers suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

GrandPa Do You Know Who I Am
The Alzheimer's Project
September is World Alzheimer's month.

Last night as I was surfing HBO and ran across a rebroadcast of GrandPa Do You Know Who I Am.

I had forgotten how wonderful and how much impact this film had on me when I first watched it.

I am going to recommend that you watch it when you have the time.

I also believe you should share the link to this page to anyone in the Alzheimer's community that has children or grandchildren.

I strongly suggest you grab a box of Kleenex before you start watching.

Sometimes sad, this video delivers a powerful positive message to families and their children.

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