Sep 9, 2012

Nervous Norvis Loves Google

One last thing. I was so focused on Dotty that I forgot to make a new plan for me. Oops.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Nervous Norvis Loves Google
Call me Nervous Norvis.

During my recent computer crash I had nothing to worry about. Why didn't I realize this from the very beginning?

A little rusty because of my eight plus years of caring for Dotty? Because I forgot to use my da Vinci pad to map out the problem and the best of all solutions?

Because I forgot how to call friends and ask for advice?

One thing is certain. It took less than 3 hours to solve my problem once I had the solution in hand. And for most of those three hour all I had to do was sit around and wait for my operating system and software programs to download and install from the recovery disks I order from my computer manufacturer.

Here is why I love Google.

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I use all of the following products that are free from Google.

Google Docs, now called Google Drive. All of my documents were safely stored up in the cloud by Google. I didn't lose a single document. Nor should I have worried about losing any documents.

Google Chrome browser. One of my biggest fears when my hard drive crashed was that I would lose all my bookmarks, and most importantly, my bookmarks tool bar. I use them all day long to manage the Alzheimer's Reading Room website. Without the bookmarks I could never accomplish what I am doing right now. Never. There would not be enough time, or I would not have enough energy.

When you use the Google Chrome browser it comes with a service called Sync. So here is what happened. I reinstalled the operating system on my new hard drive. Then I downloaded the Chrome browser (I actually use Chrome beta). Next, I hit re-sync. Walla, my greatest fear gone. Everything came back and works exactly the way it did before the computer crashed.

My pictures. My greatest fear was losing my pictures of Dotty. I really couldn't stand that idea. I did not need to worry. Why? Google.

All of or most of my pictures are stored in Picasa Web Albums. All I had to do was hit the bookmark for Picasa and there they were. I also have all of my blog photos and images stored in a another Google product -- Blogger.

Blogger another free service from Google is what I use for the Alzheimer's Reading Room blog. Every thing is up in the cloud. So I didn't lose anything from the blog. Click the bookmark there it is.

I did lose the Powerpoint Presentation I gave in New York at Pace University back in April. No big deal. I have a paper copy. However, it doesn't matter. If I gave the same two presentation again tomorrow they would be very different than they were in April.

For example, did you know a person living with Alzheimer's and dementia never stops loving you? And, in fact they love you more. Well I didn't mention that in New York. Next time out I will.

I have my edited videos all up in YouTube. I have all the raw material stored in the cloud.

I am having a problem with my podcasts. Cinch is going out of business, so I will have to send those to another part of the cloud. That is independent of the crash.

So it appears I have almost every thing I need and wanted back. If not, I still have the old hard drive.

The real issue here. Why didn't any of the people I asked tell me it was okay to take my drive out of my computer? Training? Money? Maybe the people I talked to in the Philippines didn't understand my questions.

After talking to the manufacturer of the computer on and off for 7 hours I was told they wouldn't even try and recover the information off the crashed hard drive. Worse, they wouldn't send it back to me. Even worse, they wanted to keep my computer 5-7 weeks. Other employees of the same company told me, yes they would try and recover my data, and I would get the computer back in 3-5 days once they had it.

None of the geeks told me they could recover the data from the hard drive. In fact, they told me they needed my computer. Plus, none of them told me the final price. More or less, give us your computer and we will let you know. I finally found out that it would cost $309 plus tax.

This story does get worse. I have changed hard drives in and out of computers in the past. Changed memory. Took out and replaced boards. However, it was more than a decade since I last did it. What happened to my brain in the interim?

I don't know.

I do know this I'm back. I'm ready to rock. I need to start relying more on other people I know. I need to rebuild my own "personal" network.

In some ways, I need to rebuild my life. Here is the good news. Once I get this accomplished I'll be a better person, a stronger person.

Let's face it, I just beat Alzheimer's. Bring it on.

Later today I will explain how this computer crash situation relates to effective caregiving. It did.

One last thing. I was so focused on Dotty that I forgot to make a new plan for me. Oops. Oh, I have been doing lots of things. Like finally asking for volunteers and help with the blog. But, I did not take the time to make a new master plan for my life.

No wonder I can't get in high gear. I have yet to write down my mission, vision, and goals. I guess I was not yet ready to do so.

I am now. But first, I have to watch the Philadelphia Eagles game today. Somethings never change.

Or, do they?

By the way, if you are wondering why I always suggest you get a Google Circle and Profile the above explains some of the reasons.

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