Oct 20, 2012

ARR Reader Sheila , I Need Help

Our reader Sheila desperately needs some help, advice, and insight. Have you experienced this problem?

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ARR Reader Sheila , I Need Halp
"Bob, anyone ~ I need help with communication-verbal, non-verbal anything--in a particular situation. 
It has happened several times now that my diaper-wearing husband has had a bout with diarrhea. I can get him into the non-porous surface bathroom all right to remove the diaper, but he then insists on either going to the kitchen or back to the soiled bed, rather than into the shower to be hosed down. (He objects to being cold after the shower.) 
I start off trying to be soft-spoken, but it winds up in a minimum half-hour to an hour long pushing and shoving shouting match to keep him from tracking through the house and guiding him to the shower."
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