Oct 23, 2012

Deja vu France, Les Cinq Fabuleux

So I envisioned my new life living with 4 other people in a big old house -- in France. I mean like now. Why wait until I am approaching the age of the oldest old.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Deja vu France, Les Cinq Fabuleux
This woman will never be old
Last week I wrote, Should All Dementia Patients Move to France? In that article I mentioned that France is spending $2 Billion on Alzheimer's compared to $156 million in the U.S.

In France, they already have a shortage of quality people that are trained to work with dementia patients. Opportunity?

That night while thinking about the article I had a sudden flash of genius. Why not find 4 other people and move to France. As I envisioned the move I thought, we could rent a big old house and live together.

This idea appealed to me. Live with other people and take care of each other.

Dotty lived about 12 years on her own. I regret that now. It is no way to live. Especially as you approach the age of the oldest old.

I am surrounded here in Delray Beach by the oldest old living alone. What is wrong with us? This is not the way to live.

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So I envisioned my new life living with 4 other people in a big old house -- in France. I mean like now. Why wait until I am approaching the age of the oldest old.

Imagine what it would be like once I get my French down. I could give my 90 minute workshop -- Something has to Change and that Something is You -- all over France.

Quelque chose doit changer et que quelque chose vous sounds pretty sexy in French doesn't it?

Besides, in France they want to help and educate their caregivers. I"m all for it.

So anyway, the very next day after reading about what is going on in France a Google email alert pops into my box. The title - Aging Isn’t for Sissies in France, Either, Especially for Men. Now keep in mind when I get a Google alert of this type it must contain the word Alzheimer's in the title, or in the body of the article. As you can see, it is not in the title. So I thought, I wonder what this is about.

Care to guess what the article is about?

The article was about a movie. It was describe in this way.

“All Together,” a dour Gallic comedy about five septuagenarian friends living comfortably in the outskirts of Paris who decide to share a house rather than move into retirement homes.

Get out of here. Five members of the oldest old move in together.

By now you might be thinking, what about Alzheimer's.

One of the oldsters' ends up in a nursing home. Guess what happens next?

In one of the first of several brouhahas that erupt, Claude is coaxed into a retirement home. But when the others visit him, they recoil at the sight of its anxious wraithlike residents in the throes of Alzheimer’s and whisk him out of the place.

Yikes, huh.

Quite frankly, I think this is the wave of the future. Groups of oldsters living together and helping care for each other.

You can count me in and I am not kidding.

Ne serait-il pas merveilleux?

By the way, the movie stars Jane Fonda. It is subtitled for those of us who do not yet speak French.

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