Oct 23, 2012

Exercise the Body to Keep the Brain Healthy

People who exercise later in life may better protect their brain from age-related changes than those who do not.

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Exercise the Body to Keep the Brain Healthy
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Epidemiology (CCACE) find that people over 70 who took regular exercise showed less brain shrinkage over a three-year period than those who did little exercise. In addition, they found that those over 70 who exercised had more grey matter – the part of the brain with nerve cell bodies.

Researchers studied a group of nearly 700 participants from Scotland, all born in 1936.

Greater brain shrinkage is linked to problems with memory and thinking and the researchers say their findings suggest that exercise is potentially one important pathway to maintaining a healthy brain both in terms of size and reducing damage.

The researchers also examined the brain’s white matter – the wiring that transmits messages round the brain. They found that people over 70 who were more physically active had fewer ‘damaged’ areas – visible as abnormal areas on scanning – in the white matter than those who did little exercise.

This should serve as wake up call to Baby Boomers around the world.

The video below is excellent. I suggest you share this information with fellow baby boomers, and the entire Alzheimer's community worldwide.

Exercise the body to keep the brain healthy, study suggests from University of Edinburgh Media on Vimeo.

For a good text explanation of this research go here -- Age UK.

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