Oct 3, 2012

Heartache & Hope - Alzheimer’s Patient and Caregiver Support

UCLA wants to reinvent Alzheimer's care and adopt the patient living with dementia.

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Heartache & Hope - Alzheimer’s Patient and Caregiver Support
It's often said, "If you've seen one person with Alzheimer's, then you've seen one person with Alzheimer's."

The disease affects everyone differently, but all patients and their families experience some form of grief and fear, not to mention the stress put on the caregivers.

The third and final installment in this series from UCLA offers up new models for healthcare and caregiver support that emphasize early diagnosis and support networks for everyone touched by the disease, including Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald Reagan, and TV personality Leeza Gibbons, who lost her mother to Alzheimer's.

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If you take the time to watch and listen I think you will be surprised. I suggest patience and watching all the way to the very end.

Video Source University of Califronia

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