Oct 12, 2012

"Surviving Grace" Raises $150,000 for Alzheimer's

"Surviving Grace" is about a daughter whose mother becomes a victim of Alzheimer’s and their odyssey together as they fight this disease.

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Trish Vradenburg
This is an interesting story. A reading of the play "Surviving Grace" raised $150,000 for Alzheimer's. USAgainstAlzheimer's Network hosted the event at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.

What is Surviving Grace you ask? A mother-daughter play about Alzheimer's.

Author Trish Vradenburg describes the play in this way on Pamela's Punch:
“Surviving Grace” is about a sitcom writer (what were the odds?) whose mother becomes a victim of Alzheimer’s and we join them on their odyssey together and they fight this disease. Although Alzheimer’s is tremendously important to the content and goal of “Surviving Grace”, it is not all that the play is about. It is simply the story of a mother and a daughter who are forced to learn to accept, love, and, ultimately, separate.

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At the Phillips Collection reading of the play the characters read like a Who's Who.

Diane Rehm (NPR), actress Marilu Henner, Meryl Comer (President, Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer's Initiative), and Terry Moran (ABC Nightline).

Here is a tidbit that I doubt many people know, Marilu Henner has the "gift of endless memory". The Gift of Endless Memory is called superior autobiographical memory. The ability to recall nearly every day of one's life. Wow, huh.

You can read about that here -- The Gift of Endless Memory.

It appears that Surviving Grace has been around for ten years. Critics didn't like it off Broadway. Times have changed. Maybe its the right time for this play. I would certainly like to see it.

Surviving Grace
A quick check over on Amazon shows it as available. It also shows it ranked #3,397,691 in Books. Something tells me it will be moving up in the rankings.

Here are the reviews as they appear on Amazon.

For any woman who has an aggravating and loving relationship with her Mom. --Elysa Gardner, U S A Today

Hilarious one-liners. --Robert Dominus, Daily News (New York)

SURVIVING GRACE has enough humor, empathy and substance to fill a series of television seasons. Rarely have I seen a crowd treated to so much brimming laughter, with tearful eyes to match. --Roy Meachum, Frederick News Post

Hilarious one-liners. --Robert Dominus, Daily News (New York)

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