Nov 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Have a Wonderful Day

To all of our readers around the world Happy Thanksgiving. To those of you not celebrating Thanksgiving have a wonderful day.

Happy Thanksgiving, Bob

This is my first Thanksgiving without Dotty. I miss her.

When I woke up this morning my first thoughts were of Dotty. It seems like the thoughts and memories of Dotty are washing over me. I'm a bit teary eyed at the moment.

I'm sad, and not sad. I noticed I have been talking a lot about Dotty this week. The memories of Dotty are positive and good. The images in my head are good and positive.

Many of you got to know and love Dotty right here on the Alzheimer's Reading Room. I have a recurrent thought - I wish all of you had known Dotty before AD.

Dotty was a real character. She had a way of making people laugh and smile. Those that knew her best,  laugh and smile when they talk about her. Everyone of them has a story and a specific memory about Dotty. In this way she lives on.

Some people are worried that I was going to hunker down in my cave today and be all by myself. Not true. I will be going to the Ambassador's home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Every couple of weeks I say, I'm waking up, I'm back. I keep saying it. So I guess it would be more correct to say, I'm on my way back. The parts of me that seem to be dormant are waking up one by one.

The period of readjustment and moving back into the World is taking longer than I would have thought. I guess I should have expected this is after caring for eight and a half years.

I actually thought I would have more time on my hands after Dotty. It turns out I have less. There is a lot to do, and a lot to be accomplished.

The Alzheimer's Reading Room is humming along, and has been humming along without missing a beat. I suppose this happened because the ARR became a major part of my life while I was caring for Dotty. You folks really provide me a lot of energy. And, a positive spirit.

I want everyone one to know that my memory of Dotty is all good. Together Dotty and I proved, I believe, that there can be a productive life after a diagnosis of probable Alzheimer's. And yes, Alzheimer's patients can change for the better and the positive.

My thoughts and beliefs about Alzheimer's caregiving are still evolving.

My beliefs about what AD caregivers can do and accomplish are strengthening.

My beliefs that AD patients, the deeply forgetful, are capable of more than we can imagine with our own brains are strengthening.

I'll turn my attention to explaining what I believe and what I believe can be accomplished during this next year.

I'll try hard to reach more families and caregivers.

I have a lot of good ideas rolling around in my head.

So I can assure you I will still be here for a good long time God willing.

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Bob DeMarco
Bob DeMarco is the Founder of the Alzheimer's Reading Room and an Alzheimer's caregiver. The ARR knowledge base contains more than 3,811 articles with more than 306,100 links on the Internet. Bob lives in Delray Beach, FL.

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