Nov 15, 2012

Marie Marley's Alzheimer's Memoir Is Simply "Superb!"

As their story continues, you will grimace as Marie details Ed's one-way journey into dementia's abyss, but you will also smile with delight in his crazy idiosyncrasies.

By Elaine C. Pereira
Alzheimer's Reading Room

The touching and tender love story unveiled in Come Back Early Today -A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer's and Joy will draw you in from the very first page until the very last word.

From their first meeting through to her dear friend's passing from Alzheimer's, author Marie Marley brilliantly details her wondrous 30-year relationship with a colorful, talented Romanian scholar and professor Dr. Edward Theodoru.

Their complicated liaison endures the proverbial test of time and shatters the stigma of age boundaries as an intelligent, independent young Marie is enchanted by the larger-than-life persona of a much older Ed.

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Marie captivates the reader with her detailed, descriptive writing style that fully immerses them in her life, her emotions, her conflicts and her genuine commitment to this man, and he to her. Over time, Marie's complicated but sincere mutual relationship with Ed solidifies as they carve out a unique life together.

As Ed advances in age, however, Marie begins to witness peculiar and subtle erosion in the otherwise delightful charisma that defines him.

Uncharacteristic behaviors, unrealistic demands, promises made and broken as his short-term memory fails, are described with such impeccable accuracy and depth you can feel Marie's emotional struggle to continue to care for her amazing partner as he withers away right before her eyes.

Marie details her anger and frustration trying to wrestle with the bizarre personality changes inconsistent of a once precise and logical man, and you will feel the pain of her internal struggle right along with her.

As their story continues, you will grimace as Marie details Ed's one-way journey into dementia's abyss, but you will also smile with delight in his crazy idiosyncrasies. Marie's unwavering efforts to preserve his fragile persona are hallmarked as she stumbles upon a special children's toy that brings him surprising comfort and amusement.

In addition to being a compelling love story Marie's award-winning book Come Back Early Today, a Finalist in the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Awards, illustrates solutions to specific problems that typically arise when caring for a person with dementia – everything from denial, diagnosis and difficult behaviors to financial issues, nursing home placements and end-of-life hospice care.

Your eyes may glisten with tears of laughter and sadness, as Marie begins to accept the inevitable passing of her near life-long partner. Her conflict is yours; her success is yours and finally her grief is yours as Ed slips away one early morning. But when one door closes, another one opens and remarkably you will be able to peer through to Marie's next life changing event as well.

Marie Marley accomplishes it ALL in her beautiful memoir of endless love, commitment and hope in Come Back Early Today.

It is powerful, engaging and tells a commanding story of interest to virtually anyone.

But ultimately, Come Back Early Today is a book about hope! Marie shows us repeatedly that there can be hope - even joy - amidst the darkness of dementia; and that's what every caregiver needs the most - hope.

Enjoy this remarkable, multi-award-winning book including An Eric Hoffer Finalist Award, as Marie's gift of descriptive prose will immerse you into her wonderful world with Ed.

Come Back Early Today: A Memoir of Love, Alzheimer's and Joy

Elaine C. Pereira
Elaine C. Pereira is a retired school occupational therapist who worked with special needs children. She earned her bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from Wayne State University and later completed her master’s degree. Pereira and her husband live in Michigan. Elaine is the author of - I Will Never Forget: A Daughter's Story of Her Mother's Arduous and Humorous Journey Through Dementia

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