Dec 27, 2012

Did Peter Pan Have Alzheimer's?

"The disease (Alzheimers dementia) consists of equal measures of despair and terror, with little room for levity."

By Bob DeMarco
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Peter Pan

Yesterday, I read an interesting, somewhat fascinating, and disconcerting article in The New Yorker -- Peter Pan. Alzheimer's Patient.

This article was also the source of the quote which I alluded to yesterday in my article - Are Dementia Patients Villains? Terrorists?

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Author Brad Leithauser writes in reference to Alzheimer's disease:

"The disease consists of equal measures of despair and terror, with little room for levity."

I found this a bit bone chilling. Of course, I am of the belief that everyone is entitled to their own perspective and opinion.

Excerpts from the article.
“Peter Pan” is another matter: a different book whenever you pick it up. In this year, the seventy-fifth anniversary of Barrie’s death, I read it twice. Recent rereadings have left me increasingly feeling that the book’s preoccupation with forgetfulness—an utter lack of fixity—is a little chilling.
Peter’s hopeless. He can’t retain anything. I know of no other children’s book in which forgetfulness is so pervasive and disquieting a theme. Wendy begins fretting about Peter’s memory even before they reach the Neverland.

Leithauser's article is interesting and thought provoking.

What do you think?

Peter Pan. Alzheimer's Patient

Source The New Yorker magazine.

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