Dec 11, 2012

Lakeview Ranch Live Nativity

At the Lakeview Ranch, Judy Berry and her staff prove every day that Alzheimers dementia patients are capable of more that we can imagine.

Alzheimer's Reading Room

The Lakeview Ranch provides quality of life and peace of mind to residents, families and staff. Lakevview Ranch cares for the most challenging and aggressive Alzheimer's patients.

Patients come to the Lakeview Ranch as a last resort. Neither their families or the existing nursing home structure can care for them - they throw them out.

The most fortunate find their way to the Lakeview Ranch. Then the impossible happens. They become good citizen's of their Alzheimer's community. It happens 93 percent of the time.

Alzheimer's patients are capable of more than we can imagine.

Judy Berry imagined a Dementia Friendly Community and then she made it happen.

Read the History of the Lakeview Ranch.

Donate to the Lakeview Ranch and DementiaCare Foundation.

DementiaCare Foundation is a Minnesota 501c3 nonprofit corporation organized under the name of Lakeview Ranch Innovative Dementia Care Foundation.

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