Dec 9, 2012

My Car Sunk into the Sand and I Couldn't Get it Out

Now you might be thinking, you idiot, why did you park in the sand? Well actually when I pulled on to the lot to park - I parked on the grass. Different story when I returned 3 hours later.

By Bob DeMarco Alzheimer's Reading Room

Christmas Tree Delray Beach Florida
Our 100 foot tall Christmas Tree
Delray Beach, Florida
Yesterday after talking to the Ambassador, Helen, we decided to go to the annual Christmas parade in downtown Delray Beach, Florida. My current home town.

We were running a bit late and looking for a place to park. I saw this grass field and pulled in and parked. I knew when I pulled in it was a bit sandy but we were in a hurry so we jumped out and headed on down to the parade.

Delray's little town parade is pretty cool. Kind of eye opening. One thing for sure, there are more schools in little Delray than I could ever have imagined.

One thing I did notice. None of the big restaurants that thrive all year round in downtown Delray had any presence in the parade. Shame on you folks.

And,  how about those folks over in the Pineapple Grove Arts District which is located just off Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Delray Beach. You have all kinds of shops and restaurants over there. Where was your artsy fartsy float. Hey, I would have put the link back to you under your name but you don't deserve it. No free PR from the ARR. Ba Humbug to you.

Now that I am a free agent I am going to look into to this next year.

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Speaking of being a free agent. My eight and have year tour of duty with Alzheimer's is over. Dotty went to Heaven on May 25, 2012. So now I can do anything I want to do. I can even do something on the spur of the moment.

So downtown Delray Beach here I come.

Downtown Delray Beach is fantastic at Christmas time. For example, we have an old carousel which we break out for Christmas.

We have a 100 foot tall Christmas tree (pictured up top).

A faux ice skating rink which will get you laughing away. Last night when we went by, there were about 20 kids faux ice skating. Not a single one of them was standing up skating. They were all on their butts.

Speaking of the carousel. It was loaded with kids and a long line waiting to get on. Two bucks for a ride, a pretty good deal. You should have seen the looks on the kids faces. Just so you know, I took Dotty on that carousel a few of times. And yes, I rode on the tallest, biggest, hobby horse.

We even have breakfast with Santa. Not to mention our giant downtown New Year's Eve party and First Night for kids. We even have fireworks twice on New Years's Eve. Once at 9 PM and again at midnight.

Delray Beach is a very friendly place for kids just in case you are thinking we only have old people down here.

And now to my episode. Simple version.

I parked my car to go to the parade and when we returned the care was stuck in the sand. When I say stuck, I mean stuck. It was in so deep the bottom of the car, the undercarriage, was stuck in the sand. It just sank into the sand.

Now you might be thinking, you idiot, why did you park in the sand? Well actually when I pulled on to the lot to park - I parked on the grass. And guess what, there were like 50 other cars and none of them sank into the sand.

Eventually, the Ambassador called a tow truck and they came and got us out. My car by the way, her tow service.

No big deal. After Alzheimer's are there any big deals to get bent out of shape about?

I did think about what this would have been like had we had Dotty with us. At first I thought, this would have been a big problem. But after giving it some serious thought, I finally realized that Dotty would have had a grand old time right along with us. Although, I did wonder if she was going to ask 37 times, where is the tow truck? It came in about 20 minutes.

You have to get yourself to downtown Delray Beach for Christmas or New Year's Eve.

We have a lot more than I mentioned. We have Santa's house with Santa in it. We have a place that sells, dig this, gourmet cupcakes. All kinds of interesting shops. And people playing music on the street corners during First Night.

And of course, right down the end of the street we have the beach. Yes Delray Beach has won every award that can be won. Including, best small town for the most fun. Best beach also.

If you made it this far you can see I am now getting out and about.

But here is the best part of the story.

I had Dotty with me in my pocket.

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