Feb 18, 2013

James Smith Caught Lying About Alzheimer's Diagnosis, Jail Time Ahead

James Smith once wrote, "I am 46 years old, married for 22 years, and a father of two college-age daughters. And I have Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease." He lied.

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James Smith Fakes Alzheimer's, Gets Caught Lying
James Smith
James Smith is a liar and a fraud. He touched the hearts of members of the Alzheimer's community in 2007 when he declared he had early onset Alzheimer's.

His story was so compelling that it was covered all over the country by the major media.

He managed to pull the wool over the eyes of NBC and Brian Williams. Watch the video. He fooled PBS and a long list of others.

Smith was often described as one of the Faces of Alzheimer's. He spoke at conferences sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association, and they named him one of their "Health Care Heroes".

Now we know. James Smith didn't live with dementia, he faked it.

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He faked it to collect disability insurance. He collected more than $300,000 from Met Life for disability insurance, and another $144,293.40 in taxpayer monies.

James Smith also fooled me, I wrote about him.

James pleaded guilty to theft charges and it looks like he is going to jail.

Dan Browning of the Star Tribune broke this story.

Jump to Alzheimer's was Minnesota man's path to fame, then jail to read this amazing tale of a man who lied about having Alzheimer's disease.

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