Mar 4, 2013

90 Year old Dementia Patients Wanders 175 Miles, He is Just One of Many

Ninety year old Jonathan Hastilow-Sands wandered 175 miles.

Judge Lombard got lost and wandered twice during his trip from Las Vegas to Detroit. He finally walked in to his home 14 days later.

Phillip lived in Texas and decided to visit his sister in Kansas. They found him in Mexico.

A Denver man is finally found wandering around San Diego three days after he went missing.

Our neighbor Valerie only made it 70 miles because her car ran out of gas.

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

90 Year old Dementia Patients Wanders 175 Miles, He is Just One of Many
In the UK they are calling it a mystery right now.

Ninety year old Jonathan Hastilow-Sands lives with dementia. On Saturday he wandered away from Royal Bolton Hospital. He was finally located about 12 hours later at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. He had managed to travel 175 miles.

So far there is no explanation available about how he did it; although, he likely did it by taking the bus.

Mr. Hastilow-Sands was found because he fell at the bus station and was taken to the infirmary where it was determined that he was a missing person.

As is often the case, and even though there was a massive police search going on, no one saw the man, or noticed him while he wandered.

These stories about dementia patients who wander continue to fascinate me. It is almost like they become invisible once they hit the road.

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Philip Orvan Kneifl age 67. Philip lived in Texas. He decided to jump in his car and go visit his sister in Kansas. He was finally found in Mexico. Four hundred miles into Mexico. What did his family say? They didn't think his dementia was so serious. Go here to read this story. Read Missing man with Alzheimer's travels to Mexico.

Another amazing wanderer. A man suffering from Alzheimer's goes missing in Denver. Three days later he is found in San Diego. It turned out that he fell down, hit his head, and ended up at the VA in San Diego because he had a veterans care in his wallet. When they looked up his name in the computer at the VA he was tagged as missing.

As it turned out he was stationed in San Diego while in the navy. Which explains his final destination.

The craziest story of them all centered around Judge Lombard. Judge Lombard was 75 years old, and it was no secret that he suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

Judge gets on a bus in Las Vegas on his way to Detroit. The bus stops in Denver and Judge gets off the and gets lost while wandering. The first time he was lost and found, a social worker put him in a cab and sent him back to the bus station. Did Judge get on the bus. No.

The second time, Judge was lost for 11 days before he was found wandering around Denver. This time the police put him on a plane after contacting his wife. They gave the flight attendant specific instructions. The family was waiting at the airport when his flight arrived. What happened next? His family didn't see him get off the plane. Judge was lost for the third time during one trip.

Judge finally wandered into his home three days later. When his family asked him where he was he told them "he was on a mission". Read more here and here.

Finally, from right down the street where we live. A wonderful woman named Valarie goes missing. Her neighbors didn't bother to report her as lost, they just figured she was out somewhere. Later in the day she was found in Miami about 75 miles from home. She probably would have stopped when she got to Key West, but fortunately her car ran out of gas and a policeman came by.

Valerie was on her way to the grocery store which is about a mile from her home. She had been driving to the same grocery store for about 20 years.

When I asked her neighbors if they had noticed anything wrong with Valerie, they said no. When I asked if they were worried about her prior to her escapade, they said no. They just figured she was getting old.

The only time Valerie drove her car was to go to the doctor or to do grocery shopping. It appeared to everyone around her that she was in good health.

The stories about dementia patients that wander a long distance continue to pile up.

Sometimes they end well, and sometimes they end in death.

What do you think? Will your dementia patient be the next to wander?


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