Apr 23, 2013

Seeing Alzheimer's Differently - My Thoughts and Beliefs

On Tueday May 7, I will be given the opportunity to share my beliefs on Alzheimer's caregiving, to talk about my growing belief that Alzheimer's patients are capable of more than we can imagine, and discuss what I learned about how Alzheimer's patients think and feel from my mother, Dotty.

By +Bob DeMarco 
+Alzheimer's Reading Room 

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On Tuesday, May 7th, I'll be giving two separate educational talks in conjunction with the Alzheimer's Association Greater Pennsylvania chapter in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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The Erie, Pa. chapter is offering care workers and health care professionals the opportunity to earn 3 continuing education units (CEU) at an afternoon program that will be heled from 1 - 4 PM. I'll be speaking about Seeing Alzheimer's Differently, and Meg Maly will speak about Keeping a Light Heart.

On Tuesday evening at 7 PM, I'll be speaking at the Jefferson Educational Society of Erie.

Since this will be a broader audience it is my intention to focus on my continued strong and growing belief that persons living with Alzheimer's are capable of more than we can imagine with our own brains; and that, although not intentional, we are constraining those who are living with dementia from living a richer, fuller life.

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These two talks will be my first formal presentations this year. I am developing a series of talks that I intend to give in the future.

In Erie at the early presentation, I will focus on talking about what I did differently with Dotty, and how this approach helped me get off the path of burden and on to the path of Joy. I fully intend to include concrete examples of what we did, how we did it, and what happened as a result.

For those of you that have been reading on the ARR since 2009, you already have a good understanding of my approach and the results.

Since the death of my mother,  I have been developing a strong and growing belief that Alzheimer's patients are capable of more than we can imagine. I am now coming to the understanding and belief that while not intentional, we often constrain Alzheimer's patients. The we in this equation includes caregivers, the Alzheimer's community. and society in general.

In Erie, I want to start educating the public about how Alzheimer's patients think and feel.

I want to drive home the message that these patients are capable of more. I also want to suggest that the concerned ciizens of Erie, Pa start considering how they might make their own town more dementia friendly.

Quite frankly, it is time for us to stop shunning people living with Alzheimer's, and to start embracing them.

I am really excited about the opportunity to speak at Jefferson Educational Society of Erie.

I am also thankful to the Alzheimer's Association in Erie, Pa for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and beliefs.

If you are in the area I hope to see you there.

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