May 23, 2013

Bob DeMarco My Alzheimer's Metamorphosis

Did you ever wonder how the Alzheimer's Reading Room came into being? Or, what I was thinking and feeling during those early days of caring for Dotty?

By +Bob DeMarco 
+Alzheimer's Reading Room 

Bob DeMarco on His Own Alzheimer's Metamorphosis

This interview (podcast) really gets into my own metamorphosis as an Alzheimer's caregiver, and lots about Dotty.

The interview was conducted by Chris Curran and Kristen Totaro of Business Beat Radio.

This turned out to be a really great experience for me, and I think many of the readers here will find this interview of great interest.

Among other things I discuss how the Alzheimer's Reading Room can into being. How I learned there was zero help available when I started caring for Dotty, and how I was going to have to do it on my own.

You will hear about my own wonderful moment of inspiration in May, 2005 when I finally realized something had to change and that something was me.

I really enjoyed this interview, more than any I have ever done. Thanks to Chris and Kristen.

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