May 22, 2013

Does Vitamin B Prevent Alzheimer's, and How Vitamin B Saved Us over $8,000

Yes, after reading about Vitamin B in 2007 I asked our doctor to give Dotty a monthly B12 shot. He agreed. Did it help? I believe it did. One thing for certain, it saved us over $8,000.

By Bob DeMarco
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Alzheimers Vitamin B
A couple of days ago a story with this headline appeared in The Telegraph - Vitamin B could stave off Alzheimers. It appears this has triggered off the usual media copy cat frenzy, the latest story in a long list of copy cat stories coming from MSN.

The bottom line here is simple and straightforward - it appears Vitamin B may protect against brain shrinkage. We actually wrote about this and the now hot Oxford University study in 2008 - Vitamin B12 May Protect Against Brain Shrinkage in Baby Boomers. Old news huh?

We have a boatload of stories here on the Alzheimer's Reading Room referring to vitamin B, B12, and even Nicotinamide. You can enter any of those keywords into the search box over on the right hand side of the page and find tons of intellectual capital in our Alzheimer's Reading Room Knowledge Base.

Now I want to get to my main point.

Yes, after reading about Vitamin B in 2007 I asked our doctor to give Dotty a monthly B12 shot. He agreed. 

Did it help? I believe it did. 

One thing for certain, it saved us over $8,000. Read the end of this article to find out how.

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Here are a few articles about Vitamin B that we have here that I think you should consider reading.

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Now for the answer. How did getting Dotty a monthly B12 shot result is us saving many thousands of dollars?

Each time we went in to get the B12 shot I asked the assistant if they had any samples of Aricept and Namenda. In fact, I got very good at this, and we received samples just about every time. How? Well that is another story.

Back in the day, it cost about $200-$250 a month for Aricept (before it became a generic drug), and $350 or more a month for Namenda (way more now I think).

If we had payed for all those drug we would have ended up in the Medicare Donut Hole. We did not.

The monthly B12 shot saved us more than $8,000 dollars that we would have had to pay out of our own pocket. We also saved Medicare quite a bit of money.


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