May 16, 2013

UK Prime Minister David Cameron to Use G8 to Target Global Effort on Dementia

The UK will use its Presidency of the G8 to identify and agree on a new international approach to fight dementia the growing threat of Dementia.

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David Cameron
UK Prime Minister  David Cameron

Prime Minister +David Cameron  said:
  • "Dementia is a devastating disease - not just for sufferers but for their families and friends too. And as more people live longer, it is fast becoming one of the biggest social and healthcare challenges we face.
  • TFamilies, communities, health systems and their budgets will increasingly be strained as the number affected increases and so we need to do all we can to improve how we research, diagnose and treat the disease.
  • TThat’s why we’re using our G8 to bring together health ministers, clinical researchers and healthcare companies. If the brightest minds are working together on this then we’ve got a greater chance of improving treatments and finding scientific breakthroughs.
  • TI’ve said before that we need an all-out fight-back against dementia that cuts across society. Now we need to cut across borders and spearhead an international approach that could really make a difference."

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The Gist - G8 Dementia Summit

  • A specific G8 dementia summit will be held in London in September, bringing together health and science ministers alongside world-leading experts, senior industry figures and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The event will look to secure more coordination and collaboration on dementia globally.
  • As part of the UK Presidency, the UK and US are exploring opportunities to advance thinking on dementia research and identify opportunities for more international collaboration. This joint leadership will help to tackle key issues such as facilitating the discovery and development of drugs and to advance thinking on future treatments and therapies.
  • The Prime Minister will use his visit to the US to meet with CEOs and senior figures from leading pharmaceutical companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Baxter, Covance and Pfizer. The meeting will focus on the UK’s life sciences sector and initiatives such a genomics and dementia research. The coalition government is determined to secure and expand the UK’s position as an international hub for innovation, medical science and research and in the last 12 months has generated more than £1 billion industry and private sector investment.
Dementia funding

The UK annual funding on dementia research will increase to around £66 million by 2015, while President Obama has committed the US to spending around £360million ($550m) in dementia research each year.

Dementia Challenge
  • The UK launched a broad-ranging dementia plan on research, care and awareness a year ago under the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge, and most G8 countries have similar targeted plans.
  • Much of the work and research investment has been led at a national level and experts believe a greater international approach could see significant advances and more scientific breakthroughs if countries and pharmaceutical companies collaborate more effectively and share information, research and expertise.
  • There is a wealth of research and data relevant to dementia collected daily throughout the world ranging from clinical and cognitive assessments, to brain images and biological samples. Bringing together the different players and work available could dramatically speed up and improve how diagnosis and therapy is approached, and how research is conducted.
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