Jun 4, 2013

Alzheimer's Patient Mean and Nasty

How can you get a person living with dementia to stop saying mean and hurtful things to you?

By Bob DeMarco
+Alzheimer's Reading Room 

Marta wrote in the comments section under the article - Test Your Memory for Dementia in 15 Minutes (SAGE).

I was told back in December that my mom, who is 87, had the beginning signs of dementia. She goes through real bad mood swings.

Lately they have got worse.

She has had 6 different providers helping her at home the past 2 years.

With all 6 she has accused them of taking, food, towels, money (change). I look for what she said they took and find it. When I showed it to her, she just says oh!

What kind of advice can you give me?

Time for some help from the Collective Brain of the Alzheimer's Reading Room.

What advice or insight can you share with this Alzheimer's caregiver?

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