Jun 8, 2013

Rudy Tanzi, Gene Hunter by Day, Aerosmith Organist by Night

Alzheimer's has generated a lot of bad news in the past few years. But, Rudy Tanzi believes we will be entering the third wave soon. The wave when new and effective drugs are often discovered.

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Rudy Tanzi Quote | Alzheimer's Reading Room

On Friday CNN published a new article about +Rudy Tanzi  on CNN Health. It really is worthwhile reading.

The article included a short video that I embedded below so you can watch it here.

I think we sometimes forget that these hard working scientists are devoting their lives to discovering a cure or effective treatment for Alzheimer's disease. And yes, just like us, they are human beings with families, relatives, friends, and lives.

Read the article, Gene hunter by day, Aerosmith organist by night, on CNN Health

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