Oct 10, 2014

Do Alzheimer's Caregivers Go Through Stages While Caring?

But now, I feel angry with him. I'm afraid it will keep me from being a caring caregiver when he needs it the most.

Do Alzheimer's Caregivers  Go Through Stages While Caring?

by Alzheimer's Reading Room

I caught this question over on the Facebook group Memory People. Some of you might belong to the group.

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The Memory People member wrote:
Just curious....

Do caregivers go through stages in this disease?

At one point I felt sorry for my husband because of his diagnosis and I still do.

Then I started feeling afraid for him and what's to come.

Then I became overly protective and wanted to help him when he did not want help.

But now, I feel angry with him.

Angry because he is in such a denial stage. To the point that he will not go to Doctor appointments to get medications adjusted, to get necessary lab work, so prescriptions can be renewed or prescribed.

His lack of medication control makes this disease much more difficult for me. Mostly due to his Jeckle/Hyde personality, his frequent accidents and his arguing about the small stuff.

I'm calling it my Anger stage.

I hope I get over it soon, it's consuming me.

I'm not sure my husband recognizes this because he is oblivious to my feelings, but I know its there.

I'm afraid it will keep me from being a caring caregiver when he needs it the most.

Any suggestion?
What do you think?

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