Sep 6, 2013

Where Do the Deeply Forgetful Go?

You see when dementia strikes the person living with Alzheimer's goes to a new and different place cognitively. I call that place Alzheimer's World.

By Bob DeMarco
+Alzheimer's Reading Room

Where Do the Deeply Forgetful Go?

Alzheimer's World is the place where the deeply forgetful go.

In spite of knowing this, I learned it was very difficult to adjust to this change and place; and as a result, I was making it very hard to understand my mother.

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You see when dementia strikes the person living with Alzheimer's goes to a new and different place cognitively. I call that place Alzheimer's World.

I finally realized that while I might have known that my mother was certainly in this new place, I had not adjusted in any real way to this change.

In fact, as I took the time to understand our new and constantly changing dynamic I realized, while not intentional, I was being mean to my mom as she lived cognitively in her new place.

This continued until I finally realized something had to change if my mother and I were going to be able to coexist.

Of course that something that had to change was me. Or, if you are reading this article that something that has to change is -- You.

So, I invented Alzheimer's World and decided to get in there.

Wow. Not a bad place, a good place. A place where I began to learn over time why my mother did wild and crazy things, and where I learned how to do things with her that made her smile, happy, and easy to deal with -- most of the time.

In a nutshell, I learned that in order to deal effectively with Dotty, and to insure that I didn't make matters worse, I had to go into her world, Alzheimer's World.

In the beginning, when the episodes would start up, and as I realized I had to go inspect what was going on, I did something right before I came up  to Dotty -- I took one big giant step to the left.

I had to make this big step to the left to alert and train my brain I was going to enter this new and parallel universe -- Alzheimer's World.

After doing that for a while, I no longer needed to make the step to the left, instead I seamlessly moved from one place to another in my brain.

In addition to the above, I started to imagine that there was an invisible magic line right down the middle of our home. Step to the left, go into Alzheimer's World. Step to the right -- back into Real World.

I guess you could say, I used the left side of my brain in Alzheimer's World, and the right side in Real World.

I rewired my brain.

Once rewired I became a compassionate, caring and loving Alzheimer's caregiver.

I strongly suggest you read this article and share it in support groups --

Is Alzheimer's World an Irrational Place?


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