Sep 15, 2013

Donna Wonders - Why Not a National Database?

By +Donna Giovannetti
+Alzheimer's Reading Room

I wish someone would/could create a website that was a national database of sorts of Alzheiemer's patients.

I'm just sitting around thinking about Alzheimer's  -- as usual.

What do you think? Is there a need for a National Database? Would you use it?

Please share your opinions and comments below in the comments section.

Walter, Donna's Dad

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  • 68
  • career air force
  • avid scratch golfer
  • athlete
  • smoker (43 years)
  • drank soda from aluminum cans for 40+ years
  • relatively healthy eater with a major sweet tooth
  • antisocial
  • didn't go to church
  • retired at 1988 – volunteered at my mother’s office but basically never employed again
  • diagnosed in 2009 when he went missing in Baltimore (see Donna's incedible hair raising story - My Dad -- Missing and Found )
  • moved to assisted living in March 2013
  • moved to a nursing home in July 2013
  • still walks constantly without stumbling. Still eats regularly and with gusto.
  • is often sweet, happy and funny but also occasionally angry, combative and unruly.
  • still loves music

Donna Giovannetti is Director of Marketing and Broker Relations at Diversified Lenders Inc. in Lubbock, Texas.

Her father, Walter, suffers from Alzheimer's disease.


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