Sep 26, 2013

Health Insurance Canceled After Dementia Diagnosis

This is the kind of news that sends shivers up the spines of Alzheimer's caregiver and their families.

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Health Insurance Canceled After Dementia Diagnosis

I can't remember how many times I have read or heard someone say they would not take any test that would indicate they are predisposed to Alzheimer's or a related dementia.

Reasoning? Because the insurance company might cancel their health care insurance if the find out.

Turns out it happened to Nancy Halwick.

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Excerpt from the story:
Only months before the Affordable Care Act kicks in, a Maryland wife and mother of two teenagers was hit with frightening news.

At the age of 49, she was diagnosed with dementia.

Then came another devastating blow. Her health insurance company suddenly canceled her coverage.
Nancy Halwick of Huntingtown was left with no insurance, a growing stack of medical bills, and a mind that was already starting to fade.

And her $15,000 hospital bill?

She'll have to pay it.


Under Obama care, the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies will no longer be able to cancel health insurance, or limit coverage, due to preexisting conditions.

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