Oct 31, 2013

Anti Social Dad

Yes, you will be required to make an enormous sacrifice if you decide to keep the person who is deeply forgetful at home.

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Anti Social Dad

Our reader VAharleywitch wrote in the comments section under the article You Can't Leave a Person with Alzheimer's Alone.

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I'd love to get input on what to do if the person w AD is anti-social - my dad, during my lifetime, has had perhaps 2 friends, and not even any additional acquaintances. Even co-workers were in-office, never going to lunch or happy hour w/ them, much less weekend activities.

My mom & I are concerned about once he can't be left alone, and he's sullen/ignores those he doesn't know. He's at the constantly sleeping/vegging out on tv stage.
What advice or insight can you offer?

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