Oct 28, 2013

How Bright Light and Our Daily Routine Improved Dotty's Behavior and Vision

I believe that our daily routine and bright light helped slow the progression of Alzheimer's in Dotty.

The question remained, why did it take Dotty until she was 90 years old to stop needing eye glasses to correct her vision?

Bright Light and Our Daily Routine

Was it all the Vitamin D she was receiving from our daily outings into bright light and from the sun?

I think I might have found the answer. Researchers have found that vitamin D reduces the effects of ageing in mouse eyes and improves the vision of older mice significantly - How Low Vitamin D Levels Increases the Risk Of Dementia .

For those of you that have been here for a while you already know that I believe one of the most important things you can do as an Alzheimer's caregivers is get the patient out and into bright light as least 4 or five times a week.

I also noticed that bright light improved Dotty's mood and behavior.

It clearly helped make her happier and easier to deal with each day. That explains my rationale.

I also learned that older people commonly suffer from a lack of sufficient vitamin D - Vitamin D and the Elderly. I also learned that Low Vitamin D Levels Are Associated With Cognitive Decline.

In addition, a vitamin D deficiency can make an elderly person act like they are suffering from dementia. 

This is one reason why you need a very good neurologist to make a correct diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia. A vitamin D deficiency, along with a long list of treatable illnesses or diseases, must be ruled out before the diagnosis can be make. Is it really Alzheimer's.

I now believe that the entire regimen and routine that I developed for Dotty helped slow the progression of Alzheimer's in her.

Bright light was certainly one of the most important components of my plan.

Did the constant exposure to bright light improve Dotty's vision? Or, was it genetic?

Don't be afraid to think beyond the obvious. It might work for someone and it is worth the effort.

By the way, one of the most important parts of my caregiving plan was to have Dotty read the newspaper to me each morning, so vision was very important to us.


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