Oct 29, 2013

What If Alzheimer's Never Came into Your Life?

Do you ever wonder what your life would have been like without Alzheimer's or a related dementia?

By Bob DeMarco
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What If Alzheimer's Never Came into Your Life?

What if Dotty never had Alzheimer's?

Did you ever wonder what if?

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What if Dotty never had Alzheimer's, what would my life have been like? Impossible to tell really.

I wouldn't change anything. Why? Well for all I know my life might have been worse. Dotty's life might have been worse also.

Honestly, I have no regrets. I really cherish the time I spent with Dotty.

There are people, by the way, that think I needed a mommy and that is why I took care of Dotty. Well, if its true fine by me. One thing for sure if they are right, I certainly got a lot of what I needed. So, you won't be hearing any complaints from me.

What would life have been like if Alzheimer's had never come into your life?

What would it have been like for you? What would it have been like for your loved one living with dementia?

Personally I believe in the following.

You can't change the past, but you can change the future.

That is exactly what I did with Dotty.

What do you think?

What would your life had been like if Alzheimer's or a related dementia never came into your life?

If you could change the diagnosis, would you?

Sound off and share your thoughts and feelings in the comments area below.


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