Nov 19, 2013

Do You Need a Watchful Eye in the Nursing Home or at Home?

A pretty nightie, a new lipstick, a fresh toothbrush: Doris Racher noticed that small things she had bought for her 96-year-old mother a dementia patient at a nursing home had been disappearing.

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Do You Need a Watchful Eye in the Nursing Home or at Home?

Disturbed by what was happening, Doris Racher placed a motion-activated camera in her mother’s room. It looked like an alarm clock, and Ms. Racher nearly forgot about it.

Surprise, Surprise.

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Excerpts from the article.
The camera didn't catch the thief, instead it caught...
An aide stuffed latex gloves into Mrs. Mayberry’s mouth, while another taunted her, tapping her on the head, laughing. Hoisting her from her wheelchair, they flung her on a bed. One performed a few heavy-handed chest compressions.
Based on Ms. Racher’s videos, one aide pleaded guilty to abuse and neglect. The other appears to have fled the country.
A year ago, the New York state attorney general’s office, which has relied on hidden cameras in patient abuse and neglect cases for years, demonstrated its methods at a national training program for state investigators.
“Families are witnessing injuries and neglect of loved ones, and the only way to detect what’s happening is to use hidden cameras,” said Wes Bledsoe, the founder of A Perfect Cause, a group based in Oklahoma that tracks such cases around the country.
Read the entire fascinating article in the 
New York Times

Whether it is in the nursing home or in home care this is something that you need to consider.

Thanks to Jane Gross, I first caught this article on her Facebook page.


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