Dec 24, 2015

Early Signs of Dementia Often Get Noticed During the Holiday Season

During the holiday season families get together to celebrate. It is during these gatherings of family and friends that changes of behavior in the elderly first get noticed.

Early Signs of Dementia Are Often Noticed During the Holiday Season

Are these changes in behavior an early sign of Alzheimer's or a related dementia?

Unfamiliar with Alzheimer's, family members often fail to notice the more subtle behavior changes that accompany the very early stages of Alzheimer's or a related dementia.

Subtle changes in behavior are often described as "old age".

By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

He or she is getting old.

If you are like me you probably missed the first subtle signs of Alzheimer's in your loved one - the early signs.

Most of us can say - if I only knew.

This was certainly the case with my mother Dotty. I missed the early signs.

In fact, I didn't take action until my stomach started to bother me - it was trying to tell me something. Once I started to investigate closely my heart started hurting - it was trying to tell me something.

When your body starts to signal you - tell you - something is wrong there is a good chance that "something is wrong".

What was the first sign of Alzheimer's in my mother? She started scraping her feet on the ground, she was also getting that distant not really there look in her eye. A look of confusion I later realized.

What did everyone say to me when I voiced my concern?

She's getting old.

Maybe that is the first sign of Alzheimer's or dementia?

For a great article on the early signs of dementia go here

Here are some subtle signs that could mean Alzheimer's is on the horizon.
  • She couldn't find the bathroom in a family member's home.
  • She sat at the edge of the gathering and didn't say a word.
  • She seemed confused at times.
  • She seemed very irritable, mean at times, I don't remember her ever being like that, do you?
  • She ate with her hands, I never saw her do that before.
  • She claims that someone is stealing money from her.
  • When I asked her if she wanted to sit in the kitchen she responded, where is the kitchen?
  • Any change in normal every day behavior, like stopping reading or engaging in activities with friends could be an early sign of dementia.

Any subtle change in the way a person acts, behaves, or thinks could be an early sign of dementia or another medical problem - see


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