Jan 12, 2014

Memory Tests, How To Test Your Memory

According to current statistics the number of people searching for free memory tests online continues to soar.

As awareness of Alzheimer's and dementia continues to grow; and, as the population ages the number of people searching for online memory tests continues to grow fast.

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In discussions with Universities and memory centers that offer tests, I also learned recently that the number of people seeking tests for Alzheimer's and dementia are surging.

Below you will find 5 good free online memory tests.

Please keep in mind - these are assessments tests. For an "official" diagnosis a complete work-up and battery of tests administered by a memory specialist are necessary before a diagnosis of probable Alzheimer's or dementia can be determined.

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I'll start with my two favorite memory tests.

SAGE - A Test to Measure Thinking Abilities

This test was developed at The Ohio State University.
You do not need special equipment to take SAGE - just pen and paper. There are four forms of the SAGE test. You only need to take one. It doesn't matter which one you take; they are all interchangeable.
This test is backed by reputable science.

Go here to download the SAGE Thinking and Memory Test.

The Clock Drawing Test

The Clock Drawing Test (CDT) is very popular because it is very easy to administer. All you need is a pen and paper.

The CDT taps into a wide range of cognitive abilities including executive functions, is quick and easy to administer and score with excellent acceptability by subjects.

I would strongly suggest that if you administer this test, or take this test on your own, you take the test results to your doctor.

The CDT is a screening test, not a diagnostic test. If the results look suspicious further testing by a trained neurologist or specialist is necessary.

There are a long list of diseases or illnesses that can present as Alzheimer's or dementia but are in fact - treatable. A good example would be a sluggish thyroid. This problem is usually easily corrected.

To learn more about the clock draw test see our article - Alzheimer's Clock Draw Test -- Detect the Signs of Alzheimer's Early

Studies show that the combination of a very brief three-minute cognitive screening test, called the Mini-Cog (MC), with a Functional Activities Questionnaire (FAQ) -- administered to a family member or friend -- could accurately identify individuals with MCI and undiagnosed dementia.
The research study indicated that the test has a high degree of accuracy (83 percent).

Like the other tests, if the results are suspicious then addition tests will be necessary so that alternative causes of memory loss can be ruled out before an "official" diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia can be determines.

To learn more go here - Rapid Screening Test Developed to Detect Early Alzheimer's Disease.

You can also read our article here.

The TYM Test

Those of you in the UK will find this memory test of great interest.

The TYM test is a cognitive test comprising of 10 tasks presented on 2 sides of a single sheet of soft card. Most people take about 5 minutes to complete the TYM. The maximum score is 50/50.

Go here for additional information - Test Your Memory (TYM) for Alzheimer's or Dementia in Five Minutes . You will find the link to the TYM test your memory in the article.

Dr Oz Alzheimer's Memory Quiz

Dr Oz has a memory test on his website. He mentions this from time to time on his television show on Alzheimer's disease.
This memory quiz is based of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VAMC) St. Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS) examination and is an assessment tool for informational and entertainment purposes only.

Go here - Memory Quiz - to take the Alzheimer's Memory Quiz on the Dr Oz website.

Please note. There are a long list of diseases and illness that can present with memory loss, and act like Alzheimer's or dementia. However, many of them are treatable.

Please review this article - Is it really Alzheimer's Disease or Something Else?

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