Feb 12, 2014

4 Alzheimer's Activities Tips

Alzheimer's care partners are often looking for good ideas for activities to keep their loved one entertained, active, and using their brain.

Activities for dementia patients can calm anxiety and agitation, and often provide a connection to a happier time | Alzheimer's Reading Room
Activities for dementia patients can calm anxiety and agitation, and often provide a connection to a happier time. They can also help preserve memory.

Check out the four activites listed below, they could change your life for the better.

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By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

1. Create a Life Map

Paul has a Life Map on his wall, along with lots of other photos.

The Life Map shows the names of our children, his siblings, major events in his life, the schools he went to. It is very well done.

It is amazing the interest it creates with 'most' of the Carers. It also makes them realise that Paul has led an interesting life and has not always been the way he is now.

Learn more about the Life Map created by Jocelyn 

2. Rummage Bags

Idea bags are a great idea that will not only improve the life of a person living with dementia, they can improve the attitude and life of the Alzheimer's caregiver.

The article,

describes how you can put together a group of items in a cloth bag and how this can be used to redirect Alzheimer's patients, and as a result, reduce anxiety or agitation.

3. A Shop for Mom

When I first brought mom home to live with us nine months ago I was determined to help preserve her memory and perfectly confident that I could do so.

My intentions were good but over time it became painfully clear that I would not only be unsuccessful but was also stifling her desire to communicate.

I confess to having been what I will call a “dream squelcher” but I’m also patting myself on the back for finally recognizing the error of my ways.

4. Harvey

One of my greatest challenges was keeping Dotty engaged. I was determined to keep her talking and communicating. I could never have imagined that Harvey, a repeat parrot, would become my mother's best friend.

Harvey entertained Dotty (and me). He talked with Dotty. He kept Dotty's brain working. He provided needed socialization.

Instead of sitting around like a zombie with that dull look on her facing doing nothing, Dotty had Harvey.

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