Feb 15, 2014

My Mom is Not Eating, What About Hospice Care?

My mom is not eating, she is screaming and is sleeping a lot. Is there anyway to tell when she is close to the end?

My mom is not eating , she is screaming and is sleeping a lot.
By Bob DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

Under the article, The Alzheimer's Reading Room Knowledge Base, our reader Sharon left the following comment.
My mom is not eating , she is screaming and is sleeping a lot she is in a nursing home but I am bringing her home hoping this will help her feel safe. 
Is there anyway to tell when she is close to the end?  I am trying to give a peaceful and happy rest of her life.  
There are times I just can't wrap my head around this, how someone can be ok one day and not the next. 
I have had my mom for 7 years and am glad I have this time with her but it is hard to see her like this.

Sharon, let me start by asking a simple question, has the nursing home or the attending physician mentioned Hospice to you?

If not, I would suggest you ask them for a Hospice evaluation.

It might not be well known that Hospice does attend to dementia patients. And, they do have an evaluation process for Alzheimer's patients, and patients with related dementia's.

I want to make clear that I think it is admirable, from my point of view as a former caregiver, that you are considering bringing your mother home from the nursing home.

I would not discourage you from doing so. However, it is impossible for me to know all the variables that are involved in this decision. You should discuss these issues with someone who is experienced in this outside the nursing home setting.

That might be a geriatric care manager like Carole Larkin, or a social worker at Hospice that could then walk you through the process.

An independent conversation with someone in the "know" could be very beneficial to you, and for your mother.

I can, from own experience with my mother, Dotty, empathize with the situation you are in.

I understand how you might be feeling.

If your mother is near the end of life you need Hospice.

Every single reader that has ever commented on Hospice inside the Alzheimer's Reading Room has been nothing but positive about their experience with Hospice.

In response to your question - Is there anyway to tell when she is close to the end? I would think an evaluation by Hospice might help provide an answer to your question.

To our readers here, please feel free to add you insights and comments below.

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