Feb 9, 2014

My Mum is Still a "Game Old Girl" at 93

It is how we do it that matters, and that we do it at all that counts.

Under the article, Did Dotty Survive Alzheimer's?, Jane Moore wrote,

Dotty - "a healthy old broad" - well if that's the case my mum is still a "game old Girl" at 93!!
"Survivor" for my mum (and me) does not mean that she will live past the end that we all know is coming to her. 

But for now she survives the tempest of thoughts, fear and strange dreams. I don't care if my mum no longer remembers what we do -
it's how we do it that matters and that we do it at all that counts.  
If we have to dance and sing our way to the end then we will and when she no longer can I will sing for her.  
This picture of Dotty is what every care partner needs to see.
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Dotty from the article
Did Dotty Survive Alzheimer's?

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