Mar 13, 2014

Can Asking - Why - Change the Alzheimer's Caregiver Paradigm?

If you want to change the behavior of someone with Alzheimer's, ask yourself this little question,


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WHY is he doing that?

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Excerpt from the article.

What is it about the disease, about the person, and about the situation (including your own reaction) that's making this happen?

With Alzheimer's, there are usually some pretty good reasons behind what seems unreasonable. 
Alzheimer's and other dementias can trigger countless puzzling behaviors: repetition, shadowing, wandering, skin picking, rummaging, hoarding, accusing, crying, talking to the mirror, wearing the same clothes every day, and dozens more. What they have in common is the ability to frustrate the families who cope with them. 
Pausing to think about the WHY behind the behavior can extend patience and lift confidence -- and help you discover ways to prevent or change what's happening.
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The Little Question That Can Change Alzheimer's Care

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