Mar 1, 2014

Pete Testimonials

Bob De Marco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

I just got my Mom's this weekend and wasn't sure how she would take it. She LOVES it. She talks to it and laughs and laughs. It is so good to hear her laugh again. The Parrot is a great idea.

Pete the Parrot or who ever we have works for us, Paul doesn't usually instigate the talk but once I start talking to the Parrott he will join in and we have lots of laughs so that has to be good doesn't it. He like it sitting by his chair even if he is not talking to it.


I've been reading your messages. They're very helpful. I wanted to tell you about two toys I use with my 92 year old mother. They are VTech's Little Smart, Explore My school and D.J. Jazz 'n Jam piano. Sometimes my mother plays with them for hours. I thought you'd like to know. I just bout Pete the Repeat Parrot too. I can't wait to try it out.

Thanks again - Lori.

regina mcnamara

Subject dotty and parrot
Message I loved the video..all the write ups about the parrot did not really do him justice, it's amazing!! I am searching for our clients who may benefit Thanks again for all you do, we so appreciate it! Regina McNamara, Owner, Always There Home Care


I just returned from a respite visit with my sister who is also one of your contributing columnists (Pam Kelley). Pam surprised me with PETE the Parrott and I witnessed for myself the fun it brings to our MOM. In fact, our Mom began laughing as soon as she saw PAM holding PETE. It was delightful to see. Then, some real belly laughs followed as we started a little dialogue with PETE. What a great find .... and I thank you for bringing this little miracle item into our family.